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Hi, I'm Cait, 27 from Ontario, Canada and bi-sexual who has A.D.D // My journal consists of my day to day life (I do tend to bitch a bit), music post, tv posts. // If you are offended by swearing you may not want to add me. // have a sister that is 4 years older than me. // I am currently unemployed // But I am volunteering at a volunteer center and a doctors office (which could lead to a job)// I have this weird fascination for a little town out side of the city I live in.// Music is a huge part of my life // I have been part of LiveJournal since 2004 - Had an old account from 2004 - 2006, this account 2006 - now // I love everything Robin Hood // I am fairly religious, but I dont really post about my religion. Unless someone starts talking trash about it. Otherwise I'm not a "Bible Thumper" or a "Holy Roller". Just Cait who believes in God..... period. So don't worry about that. //I am very open minded // I am a mixture of Scottish, Irish, English, Spanish and Italian - The first 3 show in me the most - the second two show in my sister the most (useless info) // I DO NOT tolerate racism or anything of that nature.
That is pretty much all I can think of... OH! I have an addiction to Cupcakes, Coffee and anything Starbucks. Coffee is my drug of choice.
First off I like to poke fun at some of the things I like... example Twilight. // Music: I like mostly Rock/Punk/Screamo/Classical Music/folk pretty much anything... and even a little bit of rap...only a little // Dropkick Murphys - My Chemical Romance - The Used - 30 Seconds to Mars - From First to Last - Paramore - Damien Rice - Florence and the Machine - Muse - City and Colour - David Bowie - Loreena McKennitt - Bedlam Bards - Chameleon Circuit - Rise Against - AFI - Leathermouth - Underoath - The Almost - Hanson - Taylor Swift - Queen - Led Zeppelin - Rush - Jimi Hendrix- Marilyn Manson - I could go on... But that would suck. // Movies: I'm going to get this out of the ways... I like Twilight... it's not my FAVORITE movie, but I like to watch some mindless movies... So, if you happen to make fun of Bella, or Edward I won't jump down your throat. // Four Brothers - A Clockwork Orange - Halloween (old ones) - X-Men - Harry Potter -Black Christmas - From Hell - The Nightmare Before Christmas (before the emo cult took it over) - Silence of the Lambs - Book of Blood - How to Train You're Dragon - The Mask - The Holiday - Donnie Darko - Speed - Transsiberian - The Shawshank Redemption - Robin Hood (2010) - Robin Hood Men in Tights ... there are soooo much more
I have an addiction to BBC... Especially their Drama shows/ and mini series. TV: Doctor Who -Returning to Crandford - Torchwood - Ashes to Ashes -Robin Hood BBC - The Ghost Squad - Robin of Sherwood - Life on Mars - BlackAdder - The Catherine Tate Show - Being Human - Supernatural - Sherlock - Coronation Street (don't watch it too much anymore, but still like it) -NCIS - The Big Bang Theory - Blackpool - Stargate Atlantis - Stargate SG1 -Criminal Minds - Top Gear - Extras -True Blood - Little House on the Prairie - The Young and the Restless - Bones - My Family - Rescue Me // Books: I am not a big reader. A book has to really catch my attention. (I do like to read Fanfiction pretty much of anything that is listed above... with in reason)// Harry Potter - Sherlock Holmes - The Alienist - A Walk to Remember - Twilight Saga - Doctor Who Books - The Notebook - Torchwood Books
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afi, al barr, alan a dale, alan rickman, alex drake, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, anjali jay, anti flag, armor for sleep, ashes to ashes, bagpipes, bbc, bbc robin hood, being human, billy talent, bleed the dream, bones, boys night out, canada, catherine tate, chl, city and color, concerts, criminal minds, crossing jordan, daleks, damien rice, dancing, david bowie, david tennant, djaq, dkm, dr. who, dream, dreaming, dreams, dropkick murphys, drums, eleventh doctor, fan-fictions, fiest, fifth doctor, from first to last, gene hunt, gerard way, god, gordon kennedy, gossip girl, great big sea, guitar, guy of gisborne, hanson, harry lloyd, harry potter, hockey, hockey players, hot hot heat, illscarlett, james lynch, jeff darosa, jeph howard, joe armstrong, john simm, jonas armstrong, k-os, keeley hawes, keith allen, ken casey, law & order, led zeppelin, life on mars, linkin park, little john, liz white, lucy griffiths, marian, matt kelly, matt smith, matthew good, matthew good band, matthew gray gubler, memorial cup, mm, much, my chemical romance, ncis, nhl, ninth doctor, ohl, ontario renn fest, peace, philip glenister, playoffs, pod, rage against the machine, rain, richard armitage, rise against, sam troughton, sam tyler, scruffy wallace, sheriff of nottingham, sign language, silverstein, skeleteen, stanley cup, stasera, sydney, tardis, tartan terrors, tattoos, team jacob, tenth doctor, the academy is..., the almost, the ataris, the black maria, the bravery, the catherine tate show, the cure, the pogues, the ramones, the umbrella academy, the used, thomas gibson, tim brennan, top gear, torchwood, toronto, twilight, underoath, watching hockey, will scarlet
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